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Budapest Travel Tips & Safety Guide

Tourist Destinations

The beautiful city of Budapest is frequented by a large number of tourists every year. With wonderful natural and historical attractions to offer, the city attracts tourists by the drove. Some of the most wonderful attractions that are there in the city are:

The Chain Bridge

Restored in its hundredth anniversary, this bridge is the significant attraction of Budapest. Count István Széchenyi initiated its construction around 1832. This is a must-visit for every tourist who comes to the city.

Castle Palace or Budvari Palota

This is the first castle of the city. Depicting the Renaissance style and architecture, this castle invariably depicts the charm and grace of the city. Castle Quarter

Castle Quarter blends in the different architecture styles of the region and is a wonder to behold.

Budapest Travel Tips


This tourist attraction is popularly known as the Fishermen’s Bastion. The Bastion was constructed as a defense installation by the fishermen during the Middle Ages. Frigyes Schulek designed the building in the Neo-Romanesque style, which features embrasures, colonnades, and towers. The best part is that you can enjoy the excellent views of the mighty River Danube and the entire city from this place.


Popularly known as the Gellert Hill, it is famous for its several medicinal springs, where you can experience the Rác Baths, the Rudas Baths, and the Gellért Baths. Undoubtedly, it is the most striking tourist spot of the city. This dolomite structure is about 771 feet high. On the west, you would find several terraces and the east falls of the River Danube. It is a must-visit site for every traveler.

Margaret Island

Margaret Island

Both locals and visitors like to travel to this island during the summer months. It is an extremely picturesque spot of the city of Budapest. You would find nature at its best here. Swimming and bicycling are two popular activities of the well-known isle.

Some of the other tourist attractions of Budapest include:

  • Museum of Fine Arts (Szepmuveszeti Muzeum)
  • The Houses of Parliament
  • Elizabeth Bridge
  • St. Stephen’s Basilica
  • Margaret Island (Margit-sziget)
  • Hungarian National Museum (Magyar Nemzeti Muzeum)

With so many attractions to offer, tourists can look to have a wonderful time while they are touring the city of Budapest.

Budapest Travel Tips

Safety Tips

Renowned for its culture and heritage, Budapest is visited by multitudes of travellers every year. A sprawling city, Budapest offers a great time for a tourist with its architectural brilliance, historical landmarks, museums, natural setting, etc. Being a big city, Budapest has its share of problems like overcrowded streets, thefts, etc. Though police and uniformed guards safeguard you, you must ensure your own safety in Budapest by being alert and smart. A few safety tips while in Budapest can help you immensely.

Though it is highly improbable to master the Hungarian language for a few days’ visits, you can learn a few important phrases. English is not used widely in the country, so practice a few essential words, phrases and sentences used in daily life. Knowledge of the native tongue helps you mingle with the locals and find your way through the city.

Keep your guard up always!

Pickpockets find tourists to be soft and lucrative targets for exercising their skills in any city and Budapest is no exception. Being cautious and alert is one of the prominent safety tips while in Budapest. Irrespective of the place you are in and the vehicle you are travelling by be aware of your possessions. Exercise caution while you are in a public place and don’t entrust your belongings to anybody.

Stay away from scam merchants!

Don’t believe people who pose as guides during your journey. Seek the help of the reputed hotels, travel agencies and embassy officials for finding a local who can guide you through your eventful travel in Budapest. If you find yourself being followed or approached by a gang of dubious individuals, just leave that place or call the police.

Don’t exchange money in public!

One of the significant safety tips while in Budapest is not to exchange money in public or in streets. You may land up being cheated with counterfeit currency, so change your currency in reputed banks or major banks in the city. There are authorized exchange bureaus in the city that serve the purpose.

Avoid exploring the city in nights alone!

Don’t try to be adventurous in an unknown land by travelling great distances at night without company. It is a known fact that the nightlife in Budapest is exciting and alluring. The nightclubs in Budapest also extort money from the tourists by charging them exorbitantly. Enquire the tariff rates and seek the help of the hotel staff or tour operators to get a list of reputed nightclubs near the place you stay.

Don’t attract too much attention!

Don’t garner the attention of the onlookers or locals by wearing flashy clothes and too much jewellery. Try to be and act normal in the city. Don’t flaunt money in front of a crowd; this might grab the attention of thieves.

Seek help when in danger!

If you find people around you acting dubiously, seek the help of the local police, tourist police and uniformed guards. Collect the numbers you can contact when you are in danger and call them promptly.

Following these safety tips will ensure that you have a wonderful time exploring the majestic city of Budapest.