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How to Survive Your First Brazilian Waxing


The thought of getting off your clothes, lie down, and part your legs in the presence of a stranger is daunting. However, this is unavoidable when having a Brazilian waxing in a spa. The aesthetician will expect you to stay in a particular position and to take everything easy. Here are some amazing tips to help you survive your first Brazilian waxing:

1. Do What Your Aesthetician Tells You

To make the process easier for you and the aesthetician, it is important to obey instructions. To start with, you’ll be asked to bend one leg and keep the other one straight during the treatment. The position will allow the aesthetician to reach your bikini area and work on getting rid of unwanted hair.

You will also be requested to relax as it will make the process less painful. Before the beautician pulls out the hair, he will ask you to breathe in and out and in the process of breathing out, he will pull off the hair. If you remain tense throughout the process, the process will be stressful and take longer than it would have if you were more relaxed.

2. Ask for Hard Wax

To make the process easier, you can ask the aesthetician to use hard wax as it is less painful compared to soft wax. You can enquire the type of wax the spa uses before confirming your appointment.

3. Relax

It is weird to have a complete stranger getting too personal but this should not be a put-off. The aesthetician is only doing her job and seeing your private parts is not a big deal. Just like you would not hesitate to open your most private parts, do the same for the beautician to make the process faster and more successful.

You should think of the amazing outcome and how long you will stay without unwanted hair to help you bear the process. You can also engage the aesthetician in a conversation to keep your mind off what is happening.

4. Ensure You are Not on Your Periods

When having your menstrual flow, your body will be very sensitive to pain which will make Brazilian waxing very painful. Make plans to have your hair removal before or after your menstrual cycle to avoid subjecting yourself to unnecessary pain.


5. Apply a Numbing Cream or Take Pain Medications

The truth is, Brazilian waxing is a painful process. You can make the process more comfortable by applying a numbing cream or taking some pain tablets before the hair removal. It is also advisable to keep your mind off the pain as much as possible. Do not think about that moment when the aesthetician will be pulling off the hair. Instead, think of the happy moments you’ll enjoy wearing your bikini. Think of how long you will stay without worrying about unwanted hair and how beautiful your relationship will be. These good thoughts will enable you to bear the pain.

It is also important to pee and let out any gas before the waxing process begins. You can also ask your Esthetician at The Spa and Lash Studio Clearfield or your salon of choice. You wouldn’t want to get embarrassed by accidentally passing out gas or asking for a break to use the restroom.